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Honor Where Honor Is Due: Our Military

To all Vets, of all of the wars you fought in… family, friends and strangers alike, we honor you, on this Memorial Weekend, and thank you for protecting our lifestyles and freedom we so cherish, not often enough remembering the sacrifices that were made and are still being made to protect us. Continue reading

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When Does a Pet Become a Responsibility?

Here’s the deal wit pets: First things first: neuter or spay, unless you’re going to take care of their offspring. Declawing might be a good idea if you’re going to have cats from the age of kittens, or you can kiss your furniture goodbye. Clean the mites out of their ears if they get them, and give the poor kitty (or dog) a collar so they don’t suffer miserably from fleas. Continue reading

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Unnoticed Deaths

“Didn’t you ever ask him,” the social worker from the other hospital pressed me, “who you should call in case anything ever happened to him?” Continue reading

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We Survived; 5 Did Not

After we collected our 3 kitties and got them comfortable in there as well, Iris and I hopped into the tub. If we were directly hit by the tornado, our last flight together might be in our bathtub, but the way we look at it, at least we’d be together. Continue reading

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A Sad Morning

I don’t like the thought of killing another living creature for game, for food, or for any reason. Continue reading

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