Share Share Your Underwear

Okay, no thanks on the underwear, but it rhymes, eh?

Is it just me, or is the whole “sharing” thing just getting a wee bit out of hand? Wanting to copy Spotify, that through Facebook “shares” the songs you’re listening to, NetFlix wants to have everyone checking out what movies everyone else is watching.

What’s next, what beverages you have in your fridge? What type of light bulbs you’re using? (LCD, Halogen, Incandescent, Fluorescent?) Come on, fess up!

Is it just me, or my “generation,” the 55+, AARP, 99ers, or whatever we’re called lately, or is the whole “express yourself” stuff rather superfluous? I suppose it’s just a fun way for people to enjoy connecting. Perhaps what gets me isn’t that the stuff is shared, but that it’s pushed-out-shared by social networking sites who want to blast out every personal aspect of our lives. I love Spotify for music, but I don’t feel the need for everyone to know what I’m listening to with every second hand of the clock. Does anyone really care?

I suppose when I was younger I would have liked to shoot a new song I was diggin’ out to my friends. Then again, when I was a kid, there were no iPhones or Blackberries, or digital music at all. We had things called “albums” back then. Scratches and all, they had great sound. Now we have every song in the universe at our fingertips. Ask, and you shall receive. I’ve got to admit it, I like it.

Switching gears, how about a good book? I just finished reading a new science fiction book by the late author Michael Creighton called Micro.

He died before he finished it, but another great author, Richard Preston finished it for him. Preston was probably best known for his novel “The Hot Zone” about Ebola, or some similar horrible disease. I’d have to check to be sure. But back to Micro… Imagine nanometer sized robots zipping around doing nasty things and we can’t even see them. Did I mention they can swim in our bloodstreams? This will become a reality one day, and hopefully it will be used for good, not evil. But when there’s a way to use technology in sinister ways, we usually do. Such is the way of mankind.

Time for a cup of coffee under natural sunlight. By the way, I’m not currently watching a movie, but I am listening to Natalie Cole on Spotify. I’ll get back to Michael Creighton’s Timeline after breakfast. (Just in case you felt the need to know.)

~ Les


About Les O'Riley

A technical writer by trade, I was laid off during the recession. I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Occupational Safety & Health. I am the Safety Lab Graduate Assistant for Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
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9 Responses to Share Share Your Underwear

  1. Carl Stapf says:

    Share Share it’s not fair. Being retired and of the 55+, AARP, 99%, I do use Fluorescent bulbs for all my lighting not that I care if any one knows. As for music i enjoy all types and don’t have any particular group, maybe ZZ top or Jimmy Hendricks, Bach or Beethoven, Pink Floyd or Chicago, I could go on just about forever. It really doesn’t really matter what I like as much as what people can personalize with each other. What is missing in this new generation is the meeting of two or more people together and sharing the way people used to. Going to parks or just meeting on the street and saying hello! Yes they have this face book and twitter, but it does not get people to know each other. Years ago, even going to a bar or Pub and meeting other people you got to know that person. Writing it down on some blog does not accomplish that at all. Most people are good, except lately looking at the news you might not think so. I really don’t care what somebody else likes, that is their right to have and enjoy on their own. It is called personal freedom. Peace and Love to all! And yes somehow I remembered the 60’s. Lol

  2. Jerry says:

    I concur. The whole sharing thing is out of hand. What really bugs me is not having the opportunity to share my likes and dislikes with friends, but the growing automation of that sharing to everyone that happens when other websites connect with facebook. Autoblog for instance, started requiring readers to log on with the facebook profile in order to post comments. To make this work, everyone on Autoblog gets instant access to all your facebook info. That makes the concept of “friending” on facebook utterly meaningless. So yeah, I get it;. But I’m also of that 50+ old fogy crowd who remembers LPs cassette tapes, and only having three channels to watch on television.

    • Les O'Riley says:

      Jerry ~
      I wasn’t aware of the “Autoblog” site. If I had ever run across it, I will simply put it on my “not interested” list. Any site that requires me to sign in with my Facebook account won’t get signed into. I refuse to (willingly) become another company’s statistic. A “junk” facebook account can serve you well for the rare time you want to access something protected by a facebook fort.

      Here’s to good friends and vinyl records. 😉

  3. Anthony says:

    I dont understand the need to constantly update everyone what you listening to at all times. I do love the ability to find new artists with out much trouble, but it’s not the same. Growing up I spent hours digging through record, tape and CD bins. I would wait for weeks to go to a record convention, spend hours anguishing over what I was going to spend my $20 on, and end up with a bag full of music event flyers just so I would know who was going to be coming to my town. I’m 35 and still love vinyl, in fact a work in a record store, not a cd store, a vinyl record store. I love the storage capability of mp3 but hate the sound quality, love the ability to have 4000 songs in my phone but miss the artwork of a fold out LP, you lose some of what you love but gain some of what you really wanted albums to be (not so easy to play a vinyl record in your car). As for music and its accessibility now, I miss the days when I had to wait for weeks for a new album to come out, when I finally got it I woud play it to death, until I knew every lyric, every note on the album by heart. To be honest I have so much music down loaded on my computer now (over 5000 songs, and that isn’t even including my 2 external hard drives or my CDs) that I’m over-saturated. I take music for granted to the point that I download albums and completely forget to ever listen to them. On the flip side, I can find just about anything no matter how obscure, within a few seconds no matter the time of day. It’s a give and take this here modern world………thats my two cents worth……not that ya asked….

  4. Barb says:

    Hi Les. Glad to see you’re blogging again. I’m not quite sure why there’s such a need to share. It must make money for someone. Why else would Safeway issue cards that track our buying habits and facebook record where we are and who we’re with? So someone can sell us more stuff. Hooray. More stuff.

  5. Cori says:

    I agree with your sentiments that there is way too much “sharing” going on. I know people who (seriously) post almost EVERYTHING on some social network or another. (From what they ate for breakfast to the number of miles they ran to eliminate the calories, to the movie they are watching, etc etc—until they lie down at night and then it all starts over in the morning. And the only thing that I can think is—-“get a LIFE”.

    On the other hand, I am amused at our own willingness (mine & yours, Les) to share our personal views about “sharing” even as we are irritated by others who “share” perhaps a bit more than we are accustomed to……..

    Kind of ironic, huh?

  6. Barb says:

    I dropped by to see how your new year was going. What’s up?

    • Les O'Riley says:

      Last semester was super busy. Four graduate level classes in Occupational Safety & Health. One more semester and I’m done. If I can keep my grades up through May, I’ll graduate with a 4.0 GPA. That’s my goal. 2011 was great overall. Everyone in the family is healthy, Iris is doing well, as are our kids (one on each coast,) our daughter-in-law, and our almost 1.5 year old grand-daughter. With stats like that, who can complain, eh? I hear the rest of this week we’ll have blue skies and temps in the 60′s here in OkieLand. Nothing to complain about there either. Have a great 2012. Your blog’s lookin’ great these days. You’re a busy gal! I hope your hubby’s job is settling into something good as well. Take care ~ Les

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