Tornado Near Miss, 4-14-2011

Coming home from an AIHA (American Industrial Hygienist Association) conference in Oklahoma City on Saturday, we were just 15 minutes south of this tornado, as the crow flies. Believe me, the crows were flying awfully fast that day.

We were stuck on the Roosevelt bridge in a 15-person van, waiting for a cherry-picker vehicle to move. It had been repairing the bridge on which we were traveling that a semi had damaged.

We made it home fine, but the K-12 school in Tushka, OK that I had previously worked at as the Network Administrator’s Assistant was flattened. Sadly, 2 people died in that town as a result of the tornado. Nationwide the tornado went on to kill another 21 people in places as far away as Arkansas, Virginia and North Carolina. Here is a picture of the tornado.


About Les O'Riley

A technical writer by trade, I was laid off during the recession. I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Occupational Safety & Health. I am the Safety Lab Graduate Assistant for Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
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4 Responses to Tornado Near Miss, 4-14-2011

  1. Mary says:

    Hey, Lester, if I had seen that picture on Saturday I would not have turned the TV off and got on the computer to play a game. I had watched for 2 hours of channel 10 telling us how bad this this storm was, but for the person without knowledge of what I was seeing I thought it was nothing to be concerned about. When I saw that it looked like it was going north of Kennific I shut the TV off. From now on when they say that this storm is bad, I will take notice and clean out the closet and have things ready if needed.

  2. cliff says:

    Very glad you’re alive.
    That storm system destroyed many families. thee physical damage can be repaired, but the other affects are irreparable. Sometimes I feel sorry for the whole world. Sometimes I just hope to survive.Now it’s just another day and off to work.

    • Les O'Riley says:

      I know what you mean, Cliff. Now the skies have cleared, and those of us that were untouched by the savage storm just go on our merry way, while others try to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. We are fortunate, and I feel for those that were not as fortunate as well. It makes you wonder why the cards fall the way they do.

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