Happy New Year, Pierogi Style!

A First Try with Pierogies.

We’ve eaten pierogies and enjoyed them, but never made them from scratch. That changed last night. After a mild meltdown over having the flour turn out a sticky mess instead of a nice ball of dough, we finally got started after Iris saved the day with more flour.

They turned out delicious.

About Les O'Riley

A technical writer by trade, I was laid off during the recession. I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Occupational Safety & Health. I am the Safety Lab Graduate Assistant for Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
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3 Responses to Happy New Year, Pierogi Style!

  1. mary says:

    Lester, since I did not know what pierogies were I thought the character in the picture was a pierogies. And, by the way, I think HGTV cooking had these on the other day or at least very much like these. I think that they were putting some clam mix in the middle. Is this Italian or what?

  2. Carl Stapf says:

    Mmmm, Mmmm good!
    Whether you spell it pierogi, piroghi or pierogie, authentic homemade pierogies are a delicious treat and a Pittsburgh tradition. In Pittsburgh they eat more than 11 times the pierogies of any other city in the nation, according to a recent survey, with pierogi fillings ranging from standard potato and cheese to sweet prune. A popular Pittsburgh business, Pierogies Plus, ships pierogies as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. The Pittsburgh Pirates even hold a pierogi race during the bottom of the 5th inning at every Pirates home game.
    Sour cream in the dough is a favorite secret of many Pittsburgh pierogi makers.

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