Honor Where Honor Is Due: Our Military

I’ve never been in the military.

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However… I sometimes wonder what it’s like in other people’s life circumstances.

I also realize that I have no idea what it’s like to be truly hungry, or truly poor. I often stop and consider myself fortunate, having good health and a good life in a great country. How have we come to have it so good in such a beautiful land?

I can’t relate to war, never having been in one. However, through reading the biographies of soldiers that have died, I can catch a glimpse of their meaningful lives and how they strove to, and did make a difference in ours. An excellent site to examine the lives of those that have died to protect our freedom can be found at the Washington Post, which offers commentary, although way too brief, on each and every soldier that has given his or her life in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s updated for every soldier that is lost. A few of these brave soldiers had a fleeting mention on televised news, but more importantly they’ll always be remembered and honored by the ones they interacted with in their daily lives before going off to war. These weren’t just military personnel, they were everyday people like you and me. They had high hopes, dreams, and families, just like you and me. Take a moment to read about these individuals, it will help you have greater appreciation for the land in which we live, knowing that they knew perfectly well there was the chance that they would not return home alive.

To all Vets, of all wars… family, friends and strangers alike, we honor you, on this Memorial Weekend, and thank you for protecting our lifestyles and freedom we so cherish, not often enough remembering the sacrifices that were made and are still being made to protect us.

Thank you.


About Les O'Riley

A technical writer by trade, I was laid off during the recession. I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Occupational Safety & Health. I am the Safety Lab Graduate Assistant for Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
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4 Responses to Honor Where Honor Is Due: Our Military

  1. cliff says:

    we’re on our way to the Mall downtown, or is it the capital? for the Memorial day ceremony rehearsal, which is less crowded than the real thing tomorrow. Grandpa and grandma are coming with us. He flew a B-28 bomber during WW II and so these things mean alot to him. But it’s still all too wierd.

    • Les O'Riley says:

      Enjoy the day. This holiday means the most to those that have served, and those closest to them. It’s truly the day to honor those that have served. That’s why it feels foreign to you and me. We can’t even relate, never having been in the military. Then again, if either of our wives had served and you and I worried night after night about whether they’d come home, we’d be able to more share in what it’s all about. Thankfully, not just did your grandpa (and my dad) serve, but they came home alive too. Give grandpa a good pumpin’ handshake of thankfulness for me too. ~ Les

  2. Richard Sarafian says:

    It’s impossible to imagine the sacrifices these people have made. The other day I was trying to imagine when a guy in WWII had a chance to take a shower or change his underwear. Once a month? Once every 6 months? Let alone trying to avoid being blown to pieces by the enemy. Also your forced to kill as many of them as you could
    I try to show my kids and my wife whose not from this country to have the highest respect for the people that have served because who knows what things would have been like if they didn’t. This country is a pleasant place because many gave their lives to keep it that way.

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